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Ancient China: Technology

History of science and technology in China

The history of science and technology in China is both long and rich with science and technological contribution. In antiquity, independent of Greek philosophers and other civilisations, ancient Chinese philosophers made significant advances in science, technology, mathematics, and astronomy. The first recorded observations of comets, solar eclipses, and supernovae were made in China. Read more...

Ancient China inventions

Top 10 Chinese inventions



Military technology

The Song period is a good point to take stock of China's military technology. First, warfare was central to the history of the period. The confrontation between the Song and the three successive non-Chinese states to the north (Liao, Jin, and Yuan) made warfare not only a major preoccupation for those in government service but also a stimulus to rethinking major intellectual issues. Read more...

Chinese military weaponry

Ancient China weapons


According to most of the historians, crossbows were first discovered in ancient China. These crossbows were used in the warfare by the people of ancient China. Read more...



Movable type printing

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