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Study Guide: The Giver: Quiz

The Giver Quiz

In the first chapter, why is the pilot released from the community?
He was a spy from Elsewhere.: 4 votes (5.63%)
He failed to deliver his cargo on time.: 7 votes (9.86%)
He misread his navigational instructions and frightened the community.: 56 votes (78.87%)
He crashed his plane.: 4 votes (5.63%)
Total Votes: 71
Why does Jonas’ mother discourage Lily from becoming a Birthmother?
Giving birth is dangerous, and Lily might die from the complications.: 4 votes (6.9%)
Birthmothers are very lazy and never get anything done.: 0 votes (0%)
The position holds very little honor in the society.: 51 votes (87.93%)
The society is overpopulated.: 3 votes (5.17%)
Total Votes: 58
Why does the Chief Elder apologize to the audience at the Ceremony of Twelve?
She is about to tell them that Jonas will be released.: 3 votes (5.36%)
She has caused them anxiety about Jonas’s Assignment.: 46 votes (82.14%)
She knows they are disappointed with their children’s Assignments.: 4 votes (7.14%)
She has used offensive, imprecise language with them.: 3 votes (5.36%)
Total Votes: 56
Which of the following was not written on Jonas’ Assignment sheet?
You are permitted to lie.: 4 votes (6.56%)
You are not permitted to apply for release.: 5 votes (8.2%)
You are not permitted to apply for a spouse.: 45 votes (73.77%)
You don't have to obey rules governing rudeness.: 7 votes (11.48%)
Total Votes: 61
What method does the Giver use to train Jonas?
He places his hands on Jonas’s bare back and gives him memories.: 44 votes (84.62%)
He teaches Jonas to read novels with a critical eye.: 0 votes (0%)
He takes Jonas to a place where he can experience real sunburns and other things.: 5 votes (9.62%)
He shows Jonas videos of events that happened in the distant past.: 3 votes (5.77%)
Total Votes: 52
What is the first memory Jonas receives?
A ride on a sled through falling snow: 40 votes (83.33%)
A sunburn: 3 votes (6.25%)
A family Christmas: 2 votes (4.17%)
A ride on a sled resulting in a broken leg: 3 votes (6.25%)
Total Votes: 48
What was the name of the failed Receiver who was chosen ten years ago?
Michael: 6 votes (10.91%)
Lily: 0 votes (0%)
Rosemary: 49 votes (89.09%)
Gabriel: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 55
Why is Jonas not permitted to apply for release?
If Jonas left the community, all the valuable time and money spent on his training would be wasted.: 4 votes (7.27%)
If Jonas left the community, all of the Committee of Elders would die of broken hearts because they love him so much.: 1 votes (1.82%)
f Jonas left the community, all the memories he had accumulated would enter the minds of the citizens and: 50 votes (90.91%)
If Jonas left, the Giver would be lonely.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 55
How does Jonas help the newchild Gabriel go to sleep?
He transmits memories of lullabies and soft beds: 13 votes (26%)
He tells him bedtime stories: 5 votes (10%)
He injects him with a mild sleeping drug: 2 votes (4%)
He transmits memories of peaceful sails on a lake: 30 votes (60%)
Total Votes: 50
Why do Jonas’ parents refuse to tell him that they love him?
They think that Jonas will feel smothered by their love.: 1 votes (1.92%)
They think love is an obsolete word with no meaning.: 50 votes (96.15%)
They secretly hate him.: 1 votes (1.92%)
That is the Giver's job now.: 0 votes (0%)
Total Votes: 52

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