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Revolutions: China 1912-1949: Chinese Communism

VCE History

Chinese Communism

"Afterlives of Chinese Communism comprises essays from over fifty world-renowned scholars in the China field, from various disciplines and continents. It provides an indispensable guide for understanding how the Mao era continues to shape Chinese politics today. Each chapter discusses a concept or practice from the Mao period, what it attempted to do, and what has become of it since. The authors respond to the legacy of Maoism from numerous perspectives to consider what lessons Chinese communism can offer today and whether there is a future for the egalitarian politics that it once promised."

Source: The Australian National University [please read conditions of use]

Yan'an Soviet

China Shanxi

Clickview video: The Great Escape - China's Long March

The Great Escape: China's Long March - Filmed on location in China, this documentary covers the Long March of 1935 and its effects on the Chinese Revolution. Also featuring re-enactments and 3D animation.

1967 Documentary: The Rise of Communism in China

A 1967 documentary showing how various events in China influenced the implementation of communism as the primary political system in the country. This video was created by US intelligence agencies during the Cold War.

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