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Command Words: Blooms Skills-Verbs

Command words appear in an assessment task and can also be called instructional, operational or task words. They tell students how the question should be answered.


Skills observed & useful verbs


  Skills observed & displayed Useful verbs

[Finding out]

Observation & recall of information, facts;

Knowledge of dates, places, events, major ideas, concepts, terms, principles;

Mastery of subject matter, methods & procedures.

name, list, define, tell, describe, 

relate, select, identify, label, show, 

quote, name, find, write, locate, state, 

who, when, where, outline, match


Understanding information, principles;

Grasp meaning;

Translate knowledge into new context;

Interpret charts, facts, compare, contrast;

Order, group, infer; Predict consequences

translate, explain, give examples, 

predict, rewrite, describe, outline, convert, summarise, interpret, 

discuss, predict, distinguish, 

restate, associate, extend, 

estimate, differentiate

[Making use of knowledge]

Use/apply information;

Use methods, concepts & theories in new situations;

Solve problems using required skills or knowledge;

Construct charts from graphs

construct, complete, classify, solve, show, use, 

illustrate, apply calculate, examine, 

demonstrate, modify, relate, change, predict, 

produce, compute, classify, discover, 

manipulate, operate

[Taking apart the known]

Seeing patterns;

Organisation & identification of components & parts;

Recognition of hidden meanings;

Distinguish between fact & inferences;

Assess relevance;

Analyse structure

compare, collect, select, explain, infer, 

analyse, distinguish, separate, investigate, 

contrast, connect, arrange, categorise, 

advertise, classify, break down, diagram, differentiate

[Putting things together differently]

Re-present old ideas to create new ones;

Relate/integrate knowledge from several areas;



Draw conclusions;


Produce original work

design, imagine, improve, create, plan invent, 

devise, design, formulate, reconstruct, generate, 

modify, review, combine, integrate, compose, 

formulate, reorganise, substitute, what if?

[Judging outcomes]

Compare & discriminate between ideas;

Assess value of theories, presentations;

Make choices based on reasoned argument;

Verify/appraise value of evidence/work;

Recognise subjectivity

judge, interpret, grade, conclude, assess,

rank, justify, debate, argue, assess, determine,

rate, verify, recommend, select, discriminate,

support, prioritise, appraise, compare,

conclude, criticise


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