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Members of the National Library of Australia [NLA] or the State Library of Victoria [SLV] or Brimbank public libraries have access to eresources that are not available through Google or other free search engines. These resources include eBooks, magazines, newspaper, and reference databases. Much of the information in the eresources is not available elsewhere on the web. 

To become a member of the NLA, click here.

To become a member of the SLV, click here

To become a member of Brimbank Public Libraries, click here

Email Library Staff if you need any helping with setting up access to the databases.

Overview of the Research Process

"Overview of the research process" graphic from The research process, "History Skills", accessed 20 May 2017 <>

Nine Stages of Good Research

The following "Nine stages of good research" can be found on the website History Skills, <>

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