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Study Guide : Never Let Me Go: Characters


 The protagonist and the narrator of the novel. Kathy H. is a thirty-one-year-old carer who wants to make sense of her memories before becoming a donor at the end of the year. Her recollections express her nostalgic longing for the past, as well as her fierce desire to hold onto the memory of her childhood friends Ruth and Tommy. Kathy tends to restrain her emotions, often expressing her feelings only indirectly. She frequently assumes the role of quiet observer, contrasting with Ruth’s more fiery personality. Kathy is also an unreliable narrator, and her memories are marked by omissions as well as subjective opinions. In Depth Analysis of Kathy


Kathy’s childhood friend and a fellow student at Hailsham. Ruth grows up with Kathy at Hailsham, where Ruth’s charismatic and temperamental personality makes her the natural leader in their friend group. Ruth is eager to stand out from her peers, and often pretends to have special knowledge and privileges that other students do not. Ruth is a foil to the more reserved Kathy, with whom she frequently quarrels. Ruth’s relationship with Tommy contributes to this tension, as Kathy quietly harbors her own romantic feelings for Tommy. Although manipulative and cruel at times, Ruth also has moments of genuine thoughtfulness and caring towards her friends. In Depth Analysis of Ruth


Kathy’s childhood friend, also a student at Hailsham. As a child, Tommy struggles with “being creative” and is teased for his lack of artistic abilities. He develops a violent temper, which he later learns to control. Tommy desires to understand the mysterious aspects of life at Hailsham. Committed to finding out the truth, he bonds with Kathy through theorizing about why the school places so much importance on creativity. Tommy has a frank and straightforward attitude, which contrasts with Kathy’s emotional restraint. In Depth Analysis of Tommy

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