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VCE Legal Studies Units 1 & 2: Home


VCE Legal Studies investigates the ways in which the law and the legal system relate to and serve individuals and the community.

Legal Studies examines the processes of law-making, dispute resolution and the administration of justice in Australia. Students develop an understanding of the impact of the legal system on the lives of citizens, and the implications of legal decisions and outcomes on Australian society. The study provides students with an appreciation of how individuals can be involved in decision-making within the legal system, encouraging civic engagement and helping them to become more informed and active citizens.

From Legal Studies Victorian Certificate of Education Study Design 2010 <>

News sources

How laws are made - courts

How laws are made - Victorian Parliament

What is law?

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Rules and laws, why do we have them? How are they made?

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How laws are made - Parliament

General Resources


When submitting an assignment, it's important to reference the sources you use. Using the right sources in your work provides you with the supporting evidence you need in your assignment. Referencing is the acknowledgment of the sources that you use in your work. You must reference all sources that you use in your assignment, including words and ideas, facts, images, videos, audio, websites, statistics, diagrams, and data.Microsoft Word has a "References" tab which allows you to add sources. There are also websites which will "autocite" resources. 

Zotero: Free software to collect, organise, cite, and share your research sources. Click here for 'how to' guides on installing and using Zotero, or here for the video version.

The following online citation generators are free to use:

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