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Study Guide: Macbeth: Introduction

Following a fierce battle, Macbeth, a Scottish nobleman, meets three “weird sisters” who tell him that he will be “king hereafter.”Macbeth becomes convinced that he can only become king of Scotland by killing Duncan, the present king. Macbeth tells his wife about his meeting with the witches, and she tells him that she will take charge of the preparations for Duncan’s murder. Macbeth kills the king, and he and Lady Macbeth become king and queen of Scotland. Macbeth arranges other murders to secure his hold on the throne, including the slaughter of the innocent Lady Macduff and her children. Enraged by his family’s murder, the nobleman Macduff unites with Duncan’s son Malcolm and other Scottish nobles to raise a rebellion. Macduff confronts and kills Macbeth. Malcolm becomes king. Learn more...

Introduction to Macbeth

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