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Medieval Europe: The kingdom of the Franks

Who were the Franks?

Who was Charlemagne?

Charlemagne was one of Medieval Europe's most famous Kings. He became king of the Franks at age 26, in 768 CE, when his father died. He inherited his kingdom from his father, Pepin the Short, who had inherited from his grandfather, Charles Martel, also known as Charles the Hammer. Pepin and Charles Martel were good kings, but Charlemagne was a far better one, and much more colorful. His subjects loved to brag about him!

He was over 6 feet tall, with long blonde hair that seemed to glow in the sun. He was always seen laughing, joking, or singing. Charlemagne was not one to sit on a throne and rule. He was always roaming about, either in one of his castles or through the countryside. He never just plain walked, He always strode. His dogs were his constant companions, playing and barking, wherever he went. If you wanted the king to do something, you had to walk with him. Charlemagne was reputed to have a great memory. He always addressed everyone by name. He seemed to know everyone from the top princes down to the lowliest peasant. More

The Franks

The Rise and Fall of the Frankish Empire


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