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Have you ever sat down to study the night before an exam and ended up staring at the pages of the textbook, thinking "how can I read all this and remember it all for tomorrow?" You meant to start studying earlier but you weren't sure where to start and now you're out of time.

One of the main reasons students find themselves in this position is because they don't understand how to study. They often don't do a lot of reading, and they can't make notes. What you do before class, during class, and after a class has a direct relationship with how much time you'll spend studying the night before an exam. And how well you make notes will save you from problems caused by last minute studying and set the scene for an improvement in grades. 

Notetaking vs notemaking


  • is the first stage in the process of producing effective notes;
  • is a process that involves writing or recording what you hear or read during lectures, tutorials or seminars;
  • involves taking notes from original resources seen, heard or read;

Notemaking follows on from taking notes

Notemaking is a process that involves: 

- synthesising your reading from sources on the same topic;
- summarising the connections from this synthesis;
- adding your own critical comments to what you read or hear.

Notemaking methods from which to choose

Notetaking strategies

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