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Academic Skills: Research Guide: Recognising Truthiness

Resources to help with academic research, including databases, Google Scholar, how-to guides and discipline-specific resources.

There's no such thing as 'alternative facts'. The resources on this page are to help you recognise bias and truthiness when they appear in whatever you read and hear.

They detail the following basic tenets [from the Center for News Literacy and Intermediate School 303] on fake news:

  • Independent sources are preferable to self-interested sources.
  • Multiple sources are preferable to a report based on a single source.
  • Sources who Verify or provide verifiable information are preferable to those who merely assert.
  • Authoritative and/or Informed sources are preferable to sources who are uninformed or lack authoritative background.
  • Named sources are better than anonymous ones.

Recognising your Biases

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