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South Africa : Pre- and Post-Apartheid: Sharpeville Massacre & the Soweto Riots

Soweto Uprising - 40 years on

From The Stream, Al Jazeera: How much has life changed for young South Africans since the 1976 Soweto uprising?

Published 14 June 2016

Clickview video: Mandela - Long walk to freedom

The video below, Mandela: Long walk to freedom, includes details of The Sharpeville Massacre.

The Soweto Uprising

Clickview video: Cry Freedom

Set in apartheid-torn South Africa. Donald Woods is the editor of the East London Daily Express and Steve Biko is a young black leader struggling to improve life in the townships. The two form an unlikely friendship but when Biko is taken into police custody and then murdered, Woods is placed under house arrest. Fearing for his family's safety, he decides to smuggle them over the border.

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