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Study Guide : Australia (1750-1918): Teaching resources

FILM : Babakiueria (1986)

This film  is a satirical look at white Australian culture from an Indigenous perspective.

Originally released as part of the '200 Years Celebrations'  in 1986


FILM : Jedda (c1950's)

This film from the 1950's provides interesting insight into the attitudes and perspectives towards Indigenous culture at the time.

The film broke new ground in its era, as it was the  first Australian film to star two Indigenous actors.

FRED MAYNARD : Aboriginal Patriot


Other available resources

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  • Australia together
  • sharing our history
  • resources [stories]
  • Maps
  • events

Resources which may be of interest ...

  • Eora: Mapping Aboriginal Sydney, 1770-1850
  • Representing Indigenous Australians in 19th Century Art
  • Exploring Aboriginal Melbourne with the Koorie Heritage trust

FILM : Rabbit Proof Fence (2002)


At the time (1930's) it was Australian Government policy to train Indigenous children as domestic workers and integrate them into white society.  - Includes study guide

FILM : Stolen Generations (2000)

Indigenous film maker Darlene Johnson draws on personal stories to describe the experience of Australia's stolen generations.

INSIGHT: Aboriginal or not

Teacher Resources :

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