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Study Guide : Jane Eyre: Form, structure and language

Jane Eyre: genre, structure, language & literary devices

Use of structure in Jane Eyre

When analysing structure, we should be thinking about how Brontë has ordered her text and put it together. There are two aspects we should be thinking about here:

Text level - this is how the text is constructed as a whole, thinking about the opening, middle and ending of Jane Eyre. Within this, you can look at how a character or a theme progresses and develops in the narrative.

Sentence level - this is how the text is constructed at a sentence level: sentence types, lengths and the ordering of events. continue reading...

Use of Form in Jane Eyre

In Jane Eyre Brontë has chosen to write in the form of a novel - a common text type in the Victorian Period. Brontë writes in first person from Jane's perspective, offering the reader access to her thoughts and feelings. As Brontë's novel focuses on Jane's life from her childhood into adulthood it is known as a bildungsroman.


Jane Eyre focuses on Jane's life from childhood to adulthood and how she develops into a confident, independent and happy woman. Why does the use of the first person make this 'coming-of-age' story more effective? Reveal answer

Use of language in Jane Eyre

When analysing language, you should use this structure:

  • What has the writer done?
  • How have they done it?
  • Why have they done it?
  • What are the effects on the reader?
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