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Study Guide : Jasper Jones: Home

A guide to help in the study of the novel 'Jasper Jones' by Craig Silvey

Jasper Jones : Movie

Jasper Jones 2017

Genre : Drama/Mystery : 1h 45m

The life of Charlie Bucktin, a bookish 14-year-old, changes irrevocably the night Jasper Jones shows him the dead body of Laura Wishart. In the summer holidays of 1969, Charlie sets out to find her killer.
Release date2 March 2017 (Australia)

Library Catalogue : Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones : Main Characters

Charlie Bucktin

The protagonist of the novel. Charlie is thirteen, almost fourteen years old, and lives in the small town of Corrigan, Australia. For much of the book, he struggles with various fears and insecurities: fear of… (read full character analysis)

Jasper Jones

Jasper Jones is a half-white, half-Aboriginal fourteen-year-old who enlists Charlie’s help in hiding Laura Wishart’s dead body, thereby setting off the events that make up the novel’s plot. Because he is “mixed caste,”… (read full character analysis)

 Mad Jack Lionel

A legendary resident of Corrigan who supposedly killed a woman years ago, Mad Jack Lionel is greatly feared by the adolescents and children of the town. Indeed, it’s a common test of courage to steal… (read full character analysis)

Wesley Bucktin

Charlie’s father and Ruth’s husband, Wesley Bucktin is an immensely calm, patient, and intelligent man who loves Charlie enormously. Ruth’s family resents Wesley for eloping with Ruth, and at the time when the… (read full character analysis)

Ruth Bucktin

Charlie’s mother and Wesley’s wife. Ruth is an angry, cold woman who hates her life in Corrigan, and often wishes she were living with her wealthy family, far from Charlie and Wesley. Ruth… (read full character analysis)
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