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World War I: Significant Places

Location of the 1914-1918 Battlefields of the Western Front

The Eastern Front

The map below shows the geographical location of the Eastern front stretching from Riga in the north to Czernowitz in the south. The orange line shows the position of the Eastern Front in 1915. Each coloured square represents 50,000 men. Red represents the Russian army, yellow, German soldiers and blue Austro-Hungarian.

Allied invasion of the Gallipoli Peninsula, April 1915

Gallipoli campaign

Australians at War: Episode 2

Who'll come a fighting the Kaiser with me is episode 2 of the television series Australians at War. The series examines the effects of war on the lives of Australians and how this nation has been shaped by those experiences. It was commissioned by the Australian Government through the Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs, in co-operation with the Australian War Memorial, as part of the commemorations to mark the Centenary of Federation in 2001.

Episode Two of Australians at War looks behind the legend of Gallipoli, our first real test of war, and by using the words of the men who fought and died there, puts a human face on a great Australian symbol.

All the men who initially landed on 25 April 1915 are now gone, but their letters, diaries and journals remain; the despair, endurance and horror they experienced clinging to them still.


Other Fronts of WWI

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