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Study Guide : A Rose for the ANZAC Boys: Quotes, Themes and Symbols

A guide to help in the study of the novel A Rose for the ANZAC boys by Jackie French

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys : Themes, Quotes, Symbols

A Rose fr the ANZAC Boys - Quotes and Themes


  • "...The single rose lay among the wreaths," (pg 7) - LOVE
  • "Her smile had worn out," (Midge, pg 28) - COURAGE
  • "You're here, doing all this," (Gordon pg 71) COURAGE & FRIENDSHIP, MATE-SHIP
  • "This isn't surgery, my dear. It's butchery," (Aunt Lallie, pg 153) - COURAGE
  • "I think sometimes women are tougher even than us men." (pg 204) - COURAGE
  • "We have both survived. We are free," (Midge, pg 235) - COURAGE, FRIENDSHIP, MATE-SHIP

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Photograph: Themes and Symbols

  •  The poppies in the background are a symbol associated with the ANZACs & Flanders
  • The singular soldier hat lying on the ground represents that the war is over, and everyone is at peace.
  •  As a symbol, it shows that people fought, people died and people sacrificed. 
  •  It is quite a lonely image.
  •  Within, it represents the themes of war, loss, courage, sacrifice and pain. However, It is also a peaceful image.

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A Rose for the ANZAC Boys - Quotes

LEST WE FORGET - Binyon's Ode of Remembrance

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys -Themes

COURAGE: The strength to do or face something your find frightening.

WAR:            Fighting with weapons between countries.

MATE/SHIP:  Australian, NZ -a word you use to address a friend.  

                        Word building MATESHIP (noun)

FRIEND/SHIP: Someone you like and they like you.  

                         Word building FRIENDSHIP (noun)

LOVE:           Strong or warm feelings of affection.

LOSS:            The loss of something: The loss of her friends

source: Macquarie school dictionary (third edition) 

A Rose for the ANZAC Boys - Symbol - ANZAC Day Wreath

LAUREL WREATH:       Symbol of immortality

SHAPE:                          Symbol of Tears that were shed

LEAVES:                        Symbol for Victory

ROSEMARY:                  Symbol for Rememberance

PURPLE:                        The colour has been linked to mourning

RED POPPY:                  Represents the service personnel of our

                                        Army, Navy and  Air-Force




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