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Study Guide : A Rose for the ANZAC Boys: Women's Roles during WWI

A guide to help in the study of the novel A Rose for the ANZAC boys by Jackie French

Voices of the First World War: Women's War Services


Video: In the Service of Men - Women of World War One. Women's role in the  workforce in America, England, Germany, and Russia.… | World war one, World  war, Greatful

Click on the above link to listen to the stories from  women who served in World War I       

Photographs: Women's Roles during WWI


Seven members of the Australian Army Nursing Service (AANS) in Launceston,Tasmania 1917. Photo was possibly taken shortly before the nurses sailed on the transport ship SS Mooltan for service in the Middle East including Salonica, Greece. Staff nurse Sister Laura Grubb is on the far right.   

Source :Australian War Memorial image P02198.00

 Women Packing supplies at Red Cross for the Australian World War one soldiers in Melbourne in 1916 

Source: Australian War Memorial image J00346

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