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Ancient Australia: Home


  • How physical or geographical features influenced the development of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ communities, foundational stories and land management practices (VCHHK105)
  • The significant beliefs, values and practices of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and cultures including trade with other communities, causes and effects of warfare, and death and funerary customs (VCHHK106)
  • The nature of sources of evidence about ancient Australia and what they reveal about Australia’s ancient past, such as the use of resources (VCHHK107)
  • The importance of conserving the remains of the ancient past, including the heritage, culture and artefacts of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples (VCHHK108)
  • Sequence significant events in chronological order to analyse the causes and effects and identify continuities and changes (VCHHC097)


Students will know:

  • What is history?
  • Why do we study history?
  • What does Indigenous culture look like today?
  • How to recognise different Indigenous culture groups
  • What is culture?
  • The importance of climate and environment to Indigenous peoples 


Students will be able to:

  • Identify importance in historical sources
  • Sequence events in chronological order
  • Create succinct and well elaborated answers to short answer questions
  • Recognise the difference between primary and secondary sources and analyse them accordingly
  • Critically examine and evaluate information given
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