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Ancient Australia: Culture & Beliefs

Aboriginal Kinship: Welcome & Acknowledgment

Understand the difference between Welcome to Country and Acknowledgement of Country.

Aboriginal Kinship: Lines of Communication

Learn about the connections across Nations and the types of protocols that Aboriginal communities use to get to know one another and work together.

Aboriginal Kinship: Nations, Clans, & Family Groups

Aboriginal Kinship: Skin names

Aboriginal Kinship: Lines of Communication

learn about the impact of colonisation, missions, reserves, stations, farms and properties on Aboriginal Kinship systems and how these broke lines of connection between Aboriginal Nations, Clans and families.

Aboriginal Kinship: Moiety

Moiety – society is divided into two halves and each descent group coexists with the other descent group, along matrilineal and patrilineal lines of descent.

Aboriginal Kinship: Language & Traditional Affiliations

Aboriginal Nations and their traditional protocols for communication as well as the relationships, trade and travel between them.

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