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VCE History Area of Study 1: Ideology & Conflict: Home

Interwar period - America and Russia

VCE History Area of Study 1: Ideology & Conflict

 A topic guide to help students explain how significant events, ideologies and individuals contributed to political and economic changes in the first half of the 20th century, and analyse how these contributed to the causes of World War Two.

Key skills to draw upon:

  • ask and use a range of historical questions to explore political and economic change prior to World War Two
  • analyse sources for use as evidence
  • identify the perspectives of people and how perspectives changed over time
  • identify different historical interpretations about political and economic change
  • analyse the consequences of World War One and the causes of World War Two
  • explain how political and economic conditions changed and/or stayed the same
  • evaluate the historical significance of events, ideas, individuals and movements
  • construct arguments about political and economic change using sources as evidence.

Key questions:

  • What were the consequences of WWI?
  • How did significant events and ideas contribute to conflict and change?
  • How did individuals and movements challenge existing political and economic conditions?
  • How did ideology influence the emergence of new nation states?
  • To what extent did the events, ideologies, individuals, movements and new nations contribute to the causes of WWII?
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