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VCE History (Modern History) Area of Study 1: Ideology & Conflict: Interwar Period: Russian Revolution

Interwar period - America and Russia

Video: Russian Revolution and Civil War 

World War I was very hard on the Russian Empire. So hard, in fact, that it led to the end of the Russian Empire. As the global conflict ground on, Tsar Nicholas II faced increasing unrest at home. Today we'll learn about the Revolutions of 1917, the rise of Lenin, Trotsky, and the Bolsheviks, and the Russian Civil War and the creation of the Soviet Union. 

Video from Exploring History: Underdogs of History - The Bolsheviks vs All of Russia

The October Revolution, or Bolshevik Revolution, was a takeover of the Russian government in 1917 by a group of radical socialists led by Vladimir Lenin, and was the second part of the Russian Revolution. This video examines all the groups and elements working against the Bolsheviks, and how they overcame them. It should also be made clear that the ‘underdog’ moniker in the title is not meant to frame the Bolsheviks positively. This is merely the first episode in a new series, ‘Underdogs of History’.

The Russian Revolution: From the last Tsar to Stalin

Russian withdrawal from WW1

Video: Why did Russia leave the war in 1918? Poor command, military, economic and political issues led to the February and then October Revolution. She [Russia] then signed the humiliating treaty of Brest-Litovsk on March 3, 1918.


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