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World War II: Effects of WWII

Australians at War: Episode 4

Here we go again is episode 4 of the television series Australians at War. The series examines the effects of war on the lives of Australians and how this nation has been shaped by those experiences. It was commissioned by the Australian Government through the Australian Government Department of Veterans' Affairs, in co-operation with the Australian War Memorial, as part of the commemorations to mark the Centenary of Federation in 2001.

Australians at War: Here we go again, recreates the experience of war - from the heroism of Tobruk to the calamity of the fall of Singapore.  These first-hand accounts are blended with archival footage of campaigns from North Africa to Malaya. The episode climaxes with the sinking of HMAS Perth, as the Japanese push relentlessly towards Australia at the start of 1942.


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