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World War II: How did people survive?

Ask a survivor

In this interactive experience, you will have the opportunity to ask Holocaust survivors one of 18 commonly posed questions. These questions were curated by the education team and based on thousands of student interactions with our survivors at the JHC. This engaging resource will allow students to choose who to ask and what to ask. It gives the student the autonomy to engage with survivor testimony in a different way from listening to a chronological testimony. The 18 questions are divided into three sections: 1. Experiences during the Holocaust, 2. Life after the Holocaust, 3. Reflections about the Holocaust.

Source: Jewish Holocaust Museum

A playlist of 40 eyewitness recordings from the JHC Eyewitness Project.

Average length 15 minutes.

Concept: Sue Wright, Eileen Wright and Dora Oliver

Interviewers: Eileen Wright and Dora Oliver Funded by the Cass Foundation (2002) and the Ian Potter Foundation (2004).

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