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World War II: Nazi propaganda and anti-Jewish laws

Propaganda poster recruiting poster Of 27th SS Volunteer Division

Hitler Youth propaganda

This 1935 poster promotes the Hitler youth by stating: "Youth serves the Fuhrer! All ten-year olds into the Hitler Youth!"

Source: Facing history and ourselves

German Propaganda Archive

Propaganda poster 1936, showing a member of the National Socialist German Students' League in a Hitler Youth-like uniform, holding the swastika flag of the organization.

Nazi propaganda newspaper

An issue of the antisemitic German newspaper Der Sturmer [The Attacker] is posted on the sidewalk in Worms, Germany, in 1935. The headline above the case says: "The Jews Are Our Misfortune".

Source: Facing history and ourselves

Nazi propaganda

Nazi Germany NSDAP poster showing the ‘ideal’ German family.

The Eternal Jew

This 1938 poster advertises a popular antisemitic travelling exhibit called Der Ewige Jude [The Eternal Jew].

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